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A thought on vintage

Society in todays day and age demands prefabrication.  Everything and anything has to be new, crisp, and unopened.
Think about if for a second… cars, clothes, shoes, homes, and even food is all prefabricated! Premeditated!  Prepackaged!  Premeasured!  A trip to the mall exposes clothes that are cut and pasted right from preppie advertisements.  Cars are hurled into the economy on an annual basis in an attempt to allure customers with that “new car smell” (that goes for shoes too).  A walk through a grocery store reveals ready-made non-innovative meals!
May I ask what happened?  How did society fall into this trap?  Why does the general population feel that used means old which in turn means useless?  To analyze this phenomena I’d like to turn to my trusty friends
Happytrees : )
If you live near a forest do me a favor… take a hike.  If you live in the desert, please do your best to find a tree.   May I ask which trees are the most beautiful, most majestic, most concrete?  That would be the old ones, the ones that have been around to face the elements, experience pain, to weather time, obtaining personalities.  The things we possess in life are exactly the same.
Quality vintage items are the oaks and the redwoods, the constants.  Rather than blades of grass that simply change with the wind, they remain sturdy and live through changes in time.  I’m on a mission to help people realize this.  There’s so many things that people are missing out on simply because they are being eaten by the ploys of the media and advertising.  People need to Take the time to sift though thrift shops and flea markets.  Imagine everyone letting their shoes mold to their step, allowing the leather to mature and age.  Conceive a world where people experiment with cooking, trying the countless things that nature provides rather than relying on what man can process.  How about a society where recycling furniture and clothes is not an after thought but a reflex.  I think this would not only be a happier world but a more creative world.  You see I’m not saying that our forests need to be made up of only oaks and redwoods.  Such an environment would not only be intimidating it would also be unimaginative.  I’m proposing that we balance the convinces of modern life in a way that lives in harmony with the beauty of vintage items.  Such an ecosystem would be one of energy and artistic appreciation
please help me spread the bug

One response

  1. Jimmy

    BTW, the new car smell is benzene. Yummy! But you’re right. In a perfect world, things wouldn’t have to be new, they’d just need to be quality. As for cooking, you’re right. There’s so much out there nobody has ANY idea about, and is absolutely delicious! HURRAH FOR “WEEDS”!

    September 2, 2010 at 4:04 am

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