art is everywhere…

in the dark

The public views collaboration as risky, at least in my opinion.  Hear me out. For example. . . lets say when Jack White collaborated with Alicia Keys for Bond.  There were those with the opinion that it sounded. . . well. . . strange.  However! There were those of us that looked at the sheer talent of each individual artist and thus respected the song. . . no matter the sound.  This though is all from the audience’s perspective eh.  To me, art is about the artist, not to be self centered but think about it.  We create art to express ourselves, who we are, what we feel, what we believe in, who we love. . . SO! If collaboration results due to  these factors, the satisfaction that an artist receives from his or her work is magnified when successfully achieving it with the help of someone with a similar train of thought.  The symptoms worsen (and by that I mean become more magical) when said collaboration is born from more profound origins.


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