art is everywhere…

anonymous/virtual diary of sorts

I have this hobby of sorts when I see a mac in a public place such as a store or a library. I go up to it, open photobooth and surf thru all of the random photos that are stored on its hard-drive.

The contents within are usually interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes narcissistic, but usually interesting. Its like a completely anonymous/virtual diary of sorts. Images of everything from siblings to gestures to clothing to books detail what is on people’s minds.

I find it fascinating the ways that people choose to represent themselves to the “public” in a way that feels so “private.” Its almost like the feeling the internet gives you, but in a completely un-networked way. What do you think? Are these people leaving the images up hoping someone will find them?

or are they just goofing off leaving me the observer to over analyze

Whatever the case I find it interesting, very mysterious, and slightly creepy.

Especially the ones that don’t show the entire face. Its like they’re trying to tell us. . . “ooh. . . u can’t see me”

“because I’m in another world”

or is that creepy in and of itself?. . . .

possibly. . .

U know, I’m not even really sure anymore. . . I just find this amusing

so i’m gonna keep doing it…

until I get tired of it, or forget. . . which is usually the case. . .

ps. All of these photos technically aren’t mine but since there were left on public computers, I view them as stealable. I have morphed some of them to preserve anonymity to the best of my ability

One response

  1. 2011 version of those people who collect actual photobooth pics. I do wonder what’s the antropoligacal significance of them. They seem to be like traces left in space and time, sepparated from their original use.
    I like the ones you posted… maybe they are not yours but you chose them, so am gonna give you the credit of good taste 🙂

    March 21, 2011 at 3:55 am

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