art is everywhere…

On the street

unintentional constructional street art


festival – downtown london

everywhere at once

foodie goodie, happy family

urban zoo

Spotted this lovely  after work on my ride home

I decided not to take the highway. . .

took montana

and then had to stop my car

ended up running across four lanes of traffic

. . . no cars were coming I promise. . .

but it was worth it was it not.

What should we name him. . . ?

why I park on kansas

Is it allergy season already?. . .
ai papi,

sniff. . . I’ve been doing alot of sewing lately,

I’m wondering if its just this subconscious thing I have

that I know I won’t have access to a machine for an indefinite amount of time

sniff. . . thats allergies not tears

he he


awhile back i posted this amazing street art video

i love that this guy doesn’t paint directly on the environment that he uses

something about his work is unique to me

anwho this video is another one of his that I found interesting

I especially got a kick out of the strategic tree placements



flogging molly

So I loved this video that I posted here so much that I thought I’d post another!  I’m homesick for ireland at the moment as well so I thought mike’s Irish round would be fitting. . .

amazing street art


via unurth

as in, not sit and serve


poor guy

where’s my car?

Park somewhere new. . . if you’re anything like me you’ll get lost.  This’ll force you to take a new route, and then find something beautiful you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Here’s an awesome sand painting my Mum did recently at white sands! Check it eh. . . moral of the story?  Art is not confined to a studio.

why I love urban art

Urban art is to art what Julia Child is to cooking. . . somebody in a funny accent telling you that you don’t need to be a professional to say who you are and what you’re about in a visual form.  Sure in alot of cases graffiti is illegal. . . and thats why it gets painted over 😦 I’m not promoting the defacement of public property . . . What I am promoting is the the absorption of these images for inspirational purposes.  These paintings and words say so much without going to college, they convey so much without being “trained.” They’re free, expressive, and more current than CNN dreaming it’s BBC. The next time you’re in a downtown area look around, and feel the art thats everywhere speak to you. It screams and whispers at the same time.


You may remember awhile ago this post with the face of a lady friend on Stanton near UTEP. Sadly it has been covered over!!!!!! I could go on about this for awhile but I have this thing about when society covers up good graffiti, if its good it deserves to live!!!! I’ll save that rant for another day. . . anywho the reason I bring up this old post is because I was at UTEP when I spotted the same face on a large painting! My friend Jon snapped a shot and I share it with you! Our lady friend didn’t die, she’s just movin on up. . . and apparently is sharing space with a ninja. 

chalktheblock diaries

Unfortunately I was not able to go to chalktheblock due to my trip to Denver. . . BUT! This doesn’t mean that I didn’t get to enjoy it! U see, I had a mole. . . . a spy if you will. Whatever you want to call it I had someone get documentation! I was really awed by some of the things there, check it out!

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Check out whats going on this weekend in downtown El Paso! And people say nothing happens here!

which way?

gum on pavement

accidental wheat-paste?