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Broken Manual

The Sartorialist has a most interesting interview up with the photographer Alec Soth discussing his latest show broken manual. I liked what he said about having his work displayed.

“I’ve never been more nervous for a show than this one, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I don’t think it is about my relationship with the subjects, it has to do with something more personal. I joke that Broken Manual is my midlife crisis project…but it isn’t such a joke.”

Canadian Youth Eco Photography

you have to check out some of these entries from Ottawa’s Eco Art photo contest. Great stuff.

remodel, is done



man with a plan

room with a view



yes you will be a star

girl by the clocktower 2

emerald island

far far away

Girl By The Clocktower

possibly maybe

with friends


by the clocktower



we still fit in our getup!


an evergreen weekend