art is everywhere…


say something nice

worn out

where do croissants come from?

I want to grow a scraggly beard

So I was taking a walk today with my sister and mum. . . and then got to thinking about this video I found. This man walked 3,000 miles and made a time lapse of photos of his transformation along the way. Do you think you could do that? . . . hmmm. . . I wonder how far I’d get. Anywho. . . .I really really really want to grow a beautifully scraggly beard.

big time.

because elevators deserve more than one purpose in life

flogging molly

So I loved this video that I posted here so much that I thought I’d post another!  I’m homesick for ireland at the moment as well so I thought mike’s Irish round would be fitting. . .

Bike Pittsburgh!

I’m suddenly very homesick

folk is glorious

Damien Rice isn’t the same now that he’s not with Lisa Hannigan anymore. This is so amazing, check it out

this is how I feel inside at the moment

Musical Graffiti

Girl Talk is musical graffiti to my ears.  Building beauty upon what is already founded, turning it into something completely new!

the kings in . . . 1976?

kings of leon, back when we fell in love with their resurrection of real rock. . .  in all their hairy glory

slow things down

this blew my mind

Day 1

this is genius

Day 9

being your own man

You already know my stance on Dylan ha ha, but ran across this trailer and had to share



outside the box

I’ll never forget seeing KOL live and realizing that Matt was screaming into his pickups to get the howl on “closer”.  .  . thats outside the box