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anti anti-perspirants update!

Today was my first day window cleaning without conventional¬†deodorant¬†or antiperspirant! Does did a deer lick to the armpit cut it? ? ? the anwer? . . . . YES! and I got proof from others whom I forced to sniff me! What loving friends and famly ūüôā lol, for real, thats love. . . or faith. . . one of the two. . . which is it?

“take a bath hippie!”

so!!!!! French people smell. At least thats what most Americans say, This¬†stereotype¬†has been built over time, (among otheres) in my opinion because of a fear of the unkown and the possibly that there might b a ¬†more sophisticated culture out there than the one that exists in the place that we call home. . ¬†.however! thats a rant for another time lol. Another reason for this stereotype is because of the¬†prevalent¬†rejection of anti-perspirants and¬†deodorants¬†in the area due to their cancerous properties! ¬†Being aware of this for awhile I was curious of the alternatives cuz lets face it there’s no way I’m letting my underarms go solo in the climate that I live in ha ha. . . so! recently I heard about the common use of mineral salt stone! The method? u wet it, apply it just like¬†deodorant. Its¬†chemical-less, odorless, non-staining, instantly dries, and lasts forever!

so . . . ¬†I went to whole foods market and asked the guy about it and he swore by it. . . telling me to personally bring it back to him for a refund if it didn’t work. Therefore! what can I say, I’m a sucker, so I bought one and am now 2 days into an experiment. Will a hunk of salt really withstand the El Paso heat, or will my family, friends, and co-workers beg me to “take a bath hippie.” So far. . . SO GOOD! On my break I walked from utep to downtown and back and although I sweated profusely ”

that ain’t gonna change” My friend with me didn’t pass out! And! I will admit to standing on a street corner, lifting up my arm to¬†deliberately¬†and shamelessly sniff my armpit in front of traffic. . . the result! nothing stinky! In fact, even though it may have looked funny. . . if not weird, and despite the probable¬†embarrassment¬†that my friend felt, it was actually a pleasant experience to my¬†nostrils. . . . Mind u! Its too early to tell if this will in fact take conventional¬†deodorant¬†out of my life, therefore I will keep u updated on this experiment, as I’m sure u wouldn’t know what to do with your life if I didn’t lol