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a controversy


“modern art” is very controversial

you realize this when you create alot of it


I just had lunch with a math professor that I interpret for

I explained to him that I’m trying to get rid of my paintings

so I offered him one.

his reply was,

“oh no no thats ok, I find it hard to appreciate art like that”


I didn’t take offense at all, he was perfectly honest, which I like

but!!!! I have two questions to ask regarding that statement.

1) what is “art like that?” What makes some art “modern”?

and 2) why is it such a love or hate relationship?



some people love it, and others. . . have a hard time finding the art value in it.

will this remain just one of those mysteries?

like nessie

or roswell?


solar power

why I prefer clothes line to a dryer

-its natural-

-its cheaper-

-your clothes last longer-

-its greener-

-bed sheets + clothes line= amazing nights sleep-

-its pretty! (you know those photos between city buildings! I love that)-

-its fun (am I the only one who enjoys hanging laundry?)-

– its power outage proof-

what am I forgetting?

embracing the hippie inside of us

Back in October I wrote a post here about switching from conventional deodorant to a salt stone.  Though there were some that flat out laughed at me, most of my family was like hey, we’ll see what happens to him.  I think this might be due to the fact that one of us is usually in some sort of experiment like this, so its viewed as no big deal.

So after making sure that I didn’t start smelling like an alpaca, some became curious. I am now happy to declare that I’ve effectively pulled 3 out the 5 other people in my household over to the salty side!!!!! Woot for embracing the dirty hippie inside us all!!!

I took the bus today

I live in El Paso TX, a car town.  Here, the fastest way to get from east to west or north to central is via car, hands down.  The only transit system is the bus, something that frankly, most people here are terrified of.  Most people who take the bus, do so because they have to.  People who fall under the “masses that want to and can afford to be green” category that the green marketing machines are targeting are usually well off enough to own a car, do own a car, and would never fathom taking the bus.  I’ve heard story after study about how slow, terrible, and inefficient the bus system here is.

So today. . . my last class to interpret for at work was cancelled, leaving me with a thought. . .  “I don’t yet have a ride home today. . . .why don’t I take the bus!”  And so, putting my fears aside, and striving to step forward from the masses, I googled the Sun Metro schedule, walked to a stop, and boarded my first El Pasoan bus.

The verdict? . . . why haven’t I done this before?!  For 75 cents a 40 min (in traffic) car ride to my house took an hour and twenty min. including transfer time.  The bus was clean and the people were friendly.  When I was confused, the drivers came to my rescue.  Sure going by car is twice as fast ha ha.  However if you have the time, its a cheaper, greener, and a local economy boosting means of getting around.  Another thing I found out was Utep students make up a huge number of passengers who came to to this conclusion a long time ago.

I’m not saying to sell your car.  Realistically, most households that don’t live in a big city need to own one. However! Wherever you are, take advantage of whatever transit is in your community!  My hope is that places like El Paso that have a less than par mass transit system will face an increase in demand. An increase that will in turn eventually lead to things like actual metros and bike lanes instead of desert landscaping! and who knows maybe this will spur North America as a whole to catch up with Europe and Asia’s genius railways and such!  eh? eh!

anti anti-perspirants update!

Today was my first day window cleaning without conventional deodorant or antiperspirant! Does did a deer lick to the armpit cut it? ? ? the anwer? . . . . YES! and I got proof from others whom I forced to sniff me! What loving friends and famly 🙂 lol, for real, thats love. . . or faith. . . one of the two. . . which is it?