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thoughts on album art

I think that album art is insanely important to music. There’s something almost nostalgic about listening to a record while brushing your thumbs over the cover, trying to figure out what made the musician choose that particular image or images.  I view it as a map to guide the listener to the emotional point of view of the composer. . . . yet as always, leaving interpretation up to the individual.  Curse downloading!!!! why’s it so convenient!!!!  Anywho, I”m in love with Damien Rice’s album art, I always have been.

folk is glorious

Damien Rice isn’t the same now that he’s not with Lisa Hannigan anymore. This is so amazing, check it out

Day 1

Day 9



this interview moved me, I’m not sure why, it just seemed like he said a few things that I feel about art or performance or whatever it might be