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hey. . . its raining :)


Belt anyone???

Here’s a brilliant find @ a thrift store in Youngstown Ohio

The World Spins Madly On

Music Influences Everything

My heart exploded, so I threw it on a canvas


I love how painting is so flexible.  For example, the piece below… I did an oil landscape on that canvas at least a year ago.  Unhappy with it, I kept it, and recently found the time to go crazy on it! You can still see a tree in the right ha ha.  But what I love about that process is how the first layer that I thought was meaningless actually assisted in providing texture for the final layer.  Most brilliant I’d say.   Its kind of like life in general eh. Even our mess ups in life seem to lay the groundwork for things to come that really make you remember how precious life is.  Anyway, I love this piece, I ended up tweaking the color a bit digitally for the print, but I am quite happy with it