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traffic jams and parking lots

I had a thought today whilst I was stuck in traffic

you see, a cement truck had turned over about three miles ahead

this left me and quite a few other people (I use that term liberally) stranded on the I-10 for close to 2 hours.

I was getting quite frustrated. . . after realizing that I was going to be an hour late for work

and right when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore I remembered this picture

and I thought to myself

Stefan. . . .

you’re human . . . so if those chairs have the ability to be so cool

u have the ability to chill. . .

and so I turned up my arcade fire

and  pulled a steve. . . by whispering to myself,

“you’re welcome world around us”

because elevators deserve more than one purpose in life


so I have this thing about artists. . . its kinda like when musicians make it big. Let me explain. You know how you like that band thats “yours.”  Its cool, unlabeled, free, genius, and incorruptible. Lets take kings of leon for example, when they first started they were undeniably their own men. Long haired 70’s southern garage rock legends that couldn’t sell out if they tried! We loved them for that (at least everyone but America who’s still listening to Kelly Clarkson on the radio). We loved them , they were ours, and now they’ve hit the mainstream.

Why? Did  they sell out? In my opinion no, I agree with the words of a friend of mine, that like the Beatles, some people get big because they are, simply put, that good. Nevertheless they are no longer our pocket band that no one in America knows about.  Mind you, the mainstream only knows their hits. I went to their show in Pheonix.  It was ridiculous watching the 17 year old girls trying to mouth along to lyrics that they had obviously never heard before, for 90 percent of the show!!!! So I ask u, is it really selling out if what you’ve “sold” are 3 singles? When I look at bands like that on stage I don’t see money in tight pants, I see passionate musicians who happened to make it big.  I think labels like “sell out” should be applied to those that operate for fame from the start. The prefabricated crapola that we’re barraged with daily.

so!!!! With that illustration in mind, my point is that this principle guides how I perceive artists.  I believe that art is for the artist, and you only sell out when you forget that. So if you happen to make it, great! But if you’re a real artist, that person proudly standing in that gallery will be the same person anonymously pouring their heart onto canvas.

breakdown of revolution

I have this thing where I pick songs apart in my head. The layering of instruments fascinates me, ever since I was in band as a kid. Here’s one of my favorite examples. Check out the different guitar parts and how amazing it is that the brain just layers them together! Its crazy!  Later when u put on ur ipod, I guarantee you’ll think of this and then it’ll drive you nuts that you can’t just listen to the song like a normal person lols, u’ll hate me




altogether with ringo

thoughts on album art

I think that album art is insanely important to music. There’s something almost nostalgic about listening to a record while brushing your thumbs over the cover, trying to figure out what made the musician choose that particular image or images.  I view it as a map to guide the listener to the emotional point of view of the composer. . . . yet as always, leaving interpretation up to the individual.  Curse downloading!!!! why’s it so convenient!!!!  Anywho, I”m in love with Damien Rice’s album art, I always have been.

kids cover

I have a hard time with covers sometimes, but this is undeniably genius. . . in my humble opinion of course

folk is glorious

Damien Rice isn’t the same now that he’s not with Lisa Hannigan anymore. This is so amazing, check it out

Musical Graffiti

Girl Talk is musical graffiti to my ears.  Building beauty upon what is already founded, turning it into something completely new!

the kings in . . . 1976?

kings of leon, back when we fell in love with their resurrection of real rock. . .  in all their hairy glory

Day 9



outside the box

I’ll never forget seeing KOL live and realizing that Matt was screaming into his pickups to get the howl on “closer”.  .  . thats outside the box


my mum actually found this band before I did!!!! lol

Secret Stripes

For their 2007 Canadian tour the white stripes did something that I found amazingly interesting and innovative! In order to get off the beaten path and reach their fan base on a personal level they did a series of “secret” unannounced free shows in the most beautifully random places.  Here are two of my favorites! Kudos for being creative!

The libertines

all I want is you

i’m not allowed in the fountain?