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poison rain

unintentional constructional street art

everywhere at once

why I park on kansas

Is it allergy season already?. . .
ai papi,

sniff. . . I’ve been doing alot of sewing lately,

I’m wondering if its just this subconscious thing I have

that I know I won’t have access to a machine for an indefinite amount of time

sniff. . . thats allergies not tears

he he

everybody’s shouting, which side are you on?

this week I….

sang along with dylan

saw monet

showed visitors around. . . again

went insane

found awesome deals at the thrift shops

drank the perfect cup of coffee

went crazy

missed a certain canadian

quite terribly

and. . .

I finally painted. . .



I go thru painting phases.  Most of you know that I’m obsessed with trees, so naturally I’ve been in a tree phase for most of my artistic life. Mind you, I’m big on abstract.  You may notice tho that when it comes to abstract I’ve gotten stuck on particular looks. You could argue that they’re ruts but I like to call them phases.  Mainly because I feel that if I feel like doing that particular method over and over, it must be because my brain is telling me to for a reason.  And the only way to appease an artistically demented brain is repetition lols. So! what are your artistic ruts?. . . I mean phases. he he

straying from simplicity via risk taking

This is one of my latest commissions.  After I finished paint was everywhere!!!! ha ha I walked in the house and my little brother calmly stated. . .”Stefan, you look like you just killed someone.”  Good thing he knows me well.

some rules were made to break

I paint extremely unconventionally. . . and I feel free because of it.  Its kind of like minimalism. . . just as a sense of freedom is attained by stripping the self of possessions,  I feel that artistic “freedom” can be attained by creating whatever it is that you feel like creating, whatever way you want to create it! So here’s a list of random favorite rules to bend and break in no particular order. . .

–  Prime Just say no! I like the way watered down acrylic soaks into the texture of raw canvas.

Mrs. Prentice’s Classical Music Bjork is! appropriate for the classroom

Work Alone Collaboration can help you find your identity as an artist. Network! Blog! Connect!

Learn From The Greats There’s more inspiration on the street than in a museum

Focus daydream. . . lots

Brushes he he, so restricting

– Painting Clothes. . . nah, (my wardrobe hates me)

Hobby lobby Canvas make your own!!!! And use random scraps of clothes, its green and cheap which is also green, but in an entirely different way

Canvas In General– paint on ur walls!!!!

-photo by Dario


So recently, in preparation of my inevitable move north, I’ve been going through alot of my things and getting rid of the unwanted and/or useless crapola that I’ve somehow accumulated in my year of living here . . . its ridiculous. . . seriously . . . However! Doing so brought to mind a painting I saw at an art show early in the summer and forgot to post.  Oh how this statement rings true. 


You may remember awhile ago this post with the face of a lady friend on Stanton near UTEP. Sadly it has been covered over!!!!!! I could go on about this for awhile but I have this thing about when society covers up good graffiti, if its good it deserves to live!!!! I’ll save that rant for another day. . . anywho the reason I bring up this old post is because I was at UTEP when I spotted the same face on a large painting! My friend Jon snapped a shot and I share it with you! Our lady friend didn’t die, she’s just movin on up. . . and apparently is sharing space with a ninja. 

a gift


image used in co-processing wiki

Image via Wikipedia


I have loved to paint for as long as I can remember. . . I specifically remember as a kid running my fingers along the paper and into the paint.  Feeling the cool slipperiness contrast with the rough texture of the paper, in what seemed like an epic battle of good and evil, love and hate, rich and poor. . . for some reason feeling the goop between my fingers gave me a sense of lack of control, a sense that I absolutely adored. . . I could manipulate what couldn’t be manipulated in a sense, without manipulating it.  Tame the untamable without taming it. . . u see by breaking the rules that didn’t apply to me yet I felt a sense of freedom. . . I’m not sure what it was or how to describe it, but it just somehow became my outlet. . . from a very early age.  I could somehow take the complexity of my human emotion and translate it into something people could see. . .something visual . . . something not in my head, but out of my heart.

So today my friend who is about 12 years old came up to me smiling, and in his hands an abstract watercolor that he did just for me. . . I coudn’t help but smile, a very big smile. Because deep down I know that the painting thats now on my wall was as much for him as it was for me.  I don’t know why he did it or what he was feeling at the time. . . but I know that he was able to take what was in his heart and create with it, and that my friends is something beautiful 🙂

which way?

Experimentation can never be classified as unsuccessful

My reasoning lies in the definition of experiment “a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown or of testing a principle, supposition, etc.” Even if an experiment is a failure, its mere existence is a “testing of a principle” with in turn defines itself as successful. Get my drift?
well at least thats what I’m telling myself after my genius t-shirt idea. But as Edison would say, I didn’t fail in making graphic t’s, I just found a bunch of ways not to make them. Had fun though he he

acting manly

When you’re stuck on the year’s theme song

Pretty in pink

yes. . . I realize that It’s blue =)

Is it possible to have double vision yet see clearly at the same time?

Is inspiration simply “not thinking”?

I was in the shower tonight, somewhere between adjusting the psychotic water temperature (gotta love apts)  and fumbling for soap and then bam! I had a fiery impulse to paint! That led to one of my many thought/rant/confusion sessions where I spend quite awhile at times trying to figure something out in my head that cant quite be figured out.  Let me try to map this particular occasion out for you. It went something like this

-I don’t have time its an early morning,           wait! ! !         No brown wouldn’t work with purple… might!  hmmm  why do I want to paint, maybe its due to the fact that this conditioner feels alot like paint. . . what if I painted in the shower????  hang on a sec,,, why do I always think of things in the shower? Where did this sudden inspiration come from? My surroundings? ….hmmmmmmmm Maybe inspiration is life, maybe its life coming out when we suppress everything all the time and then we get in the shower and finally have a moment to ourselves, a real moment where we can think or just not think……….woah

is inspiration simply “not thinking”?

I think it just might be 🙂

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