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Broken Manual

The Sartorialist has a most interesting interview up with the photographer Alec Soth discussing his latest show broken manual. I liked what he said about having his work displayed.

“I’ve never been more nervous for a show than this one, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I don’t think it is about my relationship with the subjects, it has to do with something more personal. I joke that Broken Manual is my midlife crisis project…but it isn’t such a joke.”

Canadian Youth Eco Photography

you have to check out some of these entries from Ottawa’s Eco Art photo contest. Great stuff.


man with a plan

room with a view

girl by the clocktower 2

emerald island

far far away

Girl By The Clocktower

possibly maybe

with friends


by the clocktower



an evergreen weekend


life. unplugged.

today’s my going away party. . . not gonna lie. . . feel a little weird. . .

perhaps it will go away. . .

next door

birds flying high, you know how I feel

I was surfing online for photos of my ultimate destination in may and ran across these photos. They were taken from a hot air balloon around London, ON. They remind me of some of the things I think about when I paint. I’m not sure. I think the things I see in nature that are tied so deeply with creation affect my work. Nature’s a big inspiration for me. What inspires your work? Whatever it might be.  The photographer’s info can be found here.



anonymous/virtual diary of sorts

I have this hobby of sorts when I see a mac in a public place such as a store or a library. I go up to it, open photobooth and surf thru all of the random photos that are stored on its hard-drive.

The contents within are usually interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes narcissistic, but usually interesting. Its like a completely anonymous/virtual diary of sorts. Images of everything from siblings to gestures to clothing to books detail what is on people’s minds.

I find it fascinating the ways that people choose to represent themselves to the “public” in a way that feels so “private.” Its almost like the feeling the internet gives you, but in a completely un-networked way. What do you think? Are these people leaving the images up hoping someone will find them?

or are they just goofing off leaving me the observer to over analyze

Whatever the case I find it interesting, very mysterious, and slightly creepy.

Especially the ones that don’t show the entire face. Its like they’re trying to tell us. . . “ooh. . . u can’t see me”

“because I’m in another world”

or is that creepy in and of itself?. . . .

possibly. . .

U know, I’m not even really sure anymore. . . I just find this amusing

so i’m gonna keep doing it…

until I get tired of it, or forget. . . which is usually the case. . .

ps. All of these photos technically aren’t mine but since there were left on public computers, I view them as stealable. I have morphed some of them to preserve anonymity to the best of my ability

top of the steps, make a right

we’re all hiding behind masks

I ran across these here, and found them genius

she’s very far away. . .






I love this Clint Eastwood shot ha ha . . . . oh and fyi there’s new art up at kinleys house of coffee, it really caught my eye, stop in and check it out


Here’s a photo from a day a tad further up north, hunting for a tree to climb. Recently a fellow blogger has been posting alot about getting back to the negative space in our lives, basically learning how to breath again. Sitting on break at work I was reminiscing about this day, u see, I had a point to prove to my friends, that you can climb trees (its a hard concept for my desert friends 😉 ha ha I’m of course exaggerating). So we were on a mission! to find an excellent climbing tree! One that we were successful with.  This simple task was one that I enjoyed quite thoroughly partly, I reason, due to the fact that I love trees. And the other part? . . . What shawn said.