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thoughts on what we think we should think

When I first moved to el paso, I thought I had it all figured out. . . When I got my first job, I had a picture in my mind. . . When I have a a painting in my head, I can see it perfectly. . . When I first met one of my now very good friends. . . he thought I was a prude. . . and I frankly thought he was crazy. When I woke up today. . . I thought it was gonna be hot. . . I thought I would be single until at least 25. . .  I thought Apple TV was going to be a huge hit. . . I thought it rained at least once a year in the desert. . . I thought Pittsburgh was going to win. . . I thought I could make it on one tank of gas. . . I thought the word “pylon” was extinct. . . I thought the speed limit was 70. . . I thought I knew what I was saying before I opened my mouth. . . I thought I knew

But I didn’t. . .

because life’s more interesting that way. . .

much more interesting. . .

Bike Pittsburgh!

I’m suddenly very homesick

Musical Graffiti

Girl Talk is musical graffiti to my ears.  Building beauty upon what is already founded, turning it into something completely new!

round town

I need to get my vespa license. . . seriously. . . I envy our european neighbors who seem to understand that vespas not girly, they’re convenient, economical, fun ways to get around town! I see alot more of them here in el paso than I did in Pittsburgh. . . But I have to admit I’m starting to see them more when I hit up cities like New York or SF. . . Do you think the vespa will ever conquer America to the extent that it has Europe?


A little under a year ago my brother, sister and I moved from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to El Paso Texas. . . I’m not gonna lie it was a crazy feeling reducing all of our belongings to what would fit into the back of two tiny scions and hiking it across the most of the country. . . however as I look back, it twas freeing! You see, I hate stuff. . . clutter. . . junk. . . garbage that just keeps us immobile and holds us down. Since our move I’ve made a huge effort to not accumulate “stuff” and as a result I feel alot more free. What sparked this random rant? A Post over here where a good friend has inspired me to not give up in my dream to one day live in a tree 🙂

man behind a lens

shot by Shayne Albani


This is a simple post that I hope illustrates my belief that dressing nicely can make life that much more interesting.

light in the dark

I’ve blogged before about the wondrous place known as the mattress factory in Pittsburgh, PA.  The last time I was there on the second or third floor stood a computer, and empty chair, and a webcam.  The project? I defined it as an attempt to evaluate the audience of the museum. . . (but we all know art can’t be defined). . .  The method? Allowing museum-goers to record their thoughts and post them directly on youtube. . . The outcome? 



Belt anyone???

Here’s a brilliant find @ a thrift store in Youngstown Ohio

Outside the mattress factory

Outside the mattress factory

Back East

I’m in the middle of a trip back home in Pittsburgh, so over the next few weeks you should see some of the gems I found while roving about the city of bridges : )

this one’s in Edgewood right outside of a great Salsa spot


Taken in Pittsburgh, PA last year at a gallery crawl downtown