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go somewhere!

I was browsing bloglovin and found this photo from a flickr user which made such a powerful statement that I wholeheartedly agree with! TRAVEL!  One of my biggest pet-peeves about our society fear of travel.  I’m not sure if its a fear of language, culture, or just the unknown. . . but now that I think about it one of the most common excuses I hear for staying in one’s hometown for years at a time is “the expense.” However! there are ways around this! In fact I have found that I can live on the road on the same buck (if not less) that I would spend sitting at home!  For example, when I travel, I only eat out mayb once a day, why eat out three times a day when u can walk down the street in Paris, grab bread and cheese in the morning and be on ur way till dinner! There’s no need to spend ten euros 3 times a day! Ok so guys, help me out, what have you found helpful expense-wise when u travel?


The World Spins Madly On

Words I didn’t say

click on this one to see the detail

Distortion can elighten

Pretty in pink

yes. . . I realize that It’s blue =)

Sand Painting!

This is an amazing clip, she’s telling the story of WWII In the Ukraine. Check it out

Speed Kills???

I did this painting in about ten min flat. . . some might argue that thats quite obvious tee he he, but for those of you who appreciate abstract art you might understand the awesome feeling that speed painting gone well can give you.

When I’m just going crazy with paint, knives and brushes flailing and everything just falls into place. . . bjork blasting in the background, dim light of lamps scaring away the night’s shadows, espresso steaming on the counter. . .

Its an amazing amazing process!!!

Anywho this is a product of one of those most invigorating late night sessions.  Have any of you had similar experiences with painting or with your avenue of artistic release?

I’d love to hear about it. . .