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Is inspiration simply “not thinking”?

I was in the shower tonight, somewhere between adjusting the psychotic water temperature (gotta love apts)  and fumbling for soap and then bam! I had a fiery impulse to paint! That led to one of my many thought/rant/confusion sessions where I spend quite awhile at times trying to figure something out in my head that cant quite be figured out.  Let me try to map this particular occasion out for you. It went something like this

-I don’t have time its an early morning,           wait! ! !         No brown wouldn’t work with purple… might!  hmmm  why do I want to paint, maybe its due to the fact that this conditioner feels alot like paint. . . what if I painted in the shower????  hang on a sec,,, why do I always think of things in the shower? Where did this sudden inspiration come from? My surroundings? ….hmmmmmmmm Maybe inspiration is life, maybe its life coming out when we suppress everything all the time and then we get in the shower and finally have a moment to ourselves, a real moment where we can think or just not think……….woah

is inspiration simply “not thinking”?

I think it just might be 🙂