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people-watching is an art

People-watching is a hobby of mine that absolutely fascinates me, . . . for three main reasons. . .

  1. There are so many AMAZING people out there
  2. “AMAZING” can mean crazy
  3. “crazy” is a good thing in my book (If u’ve been reading this blog for any length of time u know that by now)

Seriously, its insanely entertaining and perfectly portable, making it ideal for travel!  Wherever you find yourself,  sitting down and observing the innumerable hordes of people that are bound to surround you can be refreshing.  While in reality you can do this in any public place, some locations are more fruitful than others.  Sooo I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite places to observe the masses of society and why. . .

Airports- multi cultural, language barriers, more opportunities to see people dressed in hiker gear (because we all know that that makes flying more comfortable), neck pillows, jet lag, people with frayed nerves

Buses/Subways/trains- I’m a fan of the pretending you didn’t make eye contact face. And the in seat boogie

-Hair Salons– People are really really funny about their hair

-Malls- one word, “segways”

-Park Benches- excellent choice to observe hilarious family interaction

-University- best results are obtained during finals and or orientation

-Walmart- preferably after 10pm . . . why? . . . why not!!!!!!


My conclusion??? Yes, people-watching is an art.  So its your turn, where are your favorite places to people watch (I know u guys do it) and why?! Feel free to expand on mine. Ta Ra!


a rant about brick walls and entertainment systems

So I have a friend who has a beautiful brick wall in his living room, and I am mad at him. Out of jealously that he has a brick wall in his living room? Partly ha ha, but mostly because he’s COVERING IT UP WITH A BUILT IN ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!! Such beautiful brick could be the backdrop to many a painting . . . 😦 how sad.

You see, I’m all for modern, in fact I embrace my electronics wholeheartedly but! I feel that in todays society in an attempt to stay modern, all to often the awesomeness of vintage beauty is overlooked. Thus houses are built cheaply, cars are tin cans, we shop at Wal-mart, and brick walls are being covered up by entertainment systems. . .

ps this is not “the” brick wall, this was at an underground art show in Younstown

go somewhere!

I was browsing bloglovin and found this photo from a flickr user which made such a powerful statement that I wholeheartedly agree with! TRAVEL!  One of my biggest pet-peeves about our society fear of travel.  I’m not sure if its a fear of language, culture, or just the unknown. . . but now that I think about it one of the most common excuses I hear for staying in one’s hometown for years at a time is “the expense.” However! there are ways around this! In fact I have found that I can live on the road on the same buck (if not less) that I would spend sitting at home!  For example, when I travel, I only eat out mayb once a day, why eat out three times a day when u can walk down the street in Paris, grab bread and cheese in the morning and be on ur way till dinner! There’s no need to spend ten euros 3 times a day! Ok so guys, help me out, what have you found helpful expense-wise when u travel?

chalktheblock diaries

Unfortunately I was not able to go to chalktheblock due to my trip to Denver. . . BUT! This doesn’t mean that I didn’t get to enjoy it! U see, I had a mole. . . . a spy if you will. Whatever you want to call it I had someone get documentation! I was really awed by some of the things there, check it out!

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