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thoughts on work left unfinished

Those of you who know me well know I’m into quite a few things. . . I’ve gone through quite a few stages. . . Painting, writing, sketching, photography, blogging, biking, running, sewing, dancing, crocheting, . . . lots of stuff.

The reason being because I like alot of things. I see something, it interests me and I think hey! I could do that. . . Now it doesn’t happen out of a sense of wanting to be good at everything. . . like a competitive spirit of wanting to dominate all facets of what my brain might be capable of . . . In fact its quite the opposite cuz I know more than anybody that these projects that I start usually . . . and I say usually cuz sometimes I’m proved wrong, but usually I don’t stay on one subject long enough to do it “well.”

This is why half of my paintings are unfinished, why you can see white thread in the seams of my grey suit, and why I still don’t know Spanish.  You see, I’m culturally ADD. I have a problem. Call it ADD, call it lack of focus, call it lack of dedication, call it whatever you want. . . the fact of the matter is I start lots and lots of projects, but only finish a select few. And I love it as much as I hate it.


So the other day I’m getting picked up from work by my two friends when one of them exclaims, “I need to find some bellbottoms!!!” Well when a man is so sure about what he wants you don’t deny him the right to at least attempt to find it. Therefore we quickly detoured to the thrift store where much to our disappointment the only bellbottoms we could find were in the girls section 😦 Instead of letting this get us down, we improvised! Finding a nice pair of jeans and a crazy plaid flannel shirt I proposed the brilliant plan of letting me make him a pair of bellbottoms! So five dollars later plus a few minutes at the sewing machine and bam! Check these out, lemme know what you think, not bad eh eh