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thrift store find! . . . plus some andy

so check these sweet vintage shoes I got the other day!

for . .  .wait for it. . . .. .

wait for it. . . .

5 bucks!

oh yeah, thats what I’m talking about.

now I just have to find room for them in my bag to canada. . . sigh



solar power

why I prefer clothes line to a dryer

-its natural-

-its cheaper-

-your clothes last longer-

-its greener-

-bed sheets + clothes line= amazing nights sleep-

-its pretty! (you know those photos between city buildings! I love that)-

-its fun (am I the only one who enjoys hanging laundry?)-

– its power outage proof-

what am I forgetting?

people-watching is an art

People-watching is a hobby of mine that absolutely fascinates me, . . . for three main reasons. . .

  1. There are so many AMAZING people out there
  2. “AMAZING” can mean crazy
  3. “crazy” is a good thing in my book (If u’ve been reading this blog for any length of time u know that by now)

Seriously, its insanely entertaining and perfectly portable, making it ideal for travel!  Wherever you find yourself,  sitting down and observing the innumerable hordes of people that are bound to surround you can be refreshing.  While in reality you can do this in any public place, some locations are more fruitful than others.  Sooo I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite places to observe the masses of society and why. . .

Airports- multi cultural, language barriers, more opportunities to see people dressed in hiker gear (because we all know that that makes flying more comfortable), neck pillows, jet lag, people with frayed nerves

Buses/Subways/trains- I’m a fan of the pretending you didn’t make eye contact face. And the in seat boogie

-Hair Salons– People are really really funny about their hair

-Malls- one word, “segways”

-Park Benches- excellent choice to observe hilarious family interaction

-University- best results are obtained during finals and or orientation

-Walmart- preferably after 10pm . . . why? . . . why not!!!!!!


My conclusion??? Yes, people-watching is an art.  So its your turn, where are your favorite places to people watch (I know u guys do it) and why?! Feel free to expand on mine. Ta Ra!