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cross eyed bear


I ran across this on bloglovin and was floored!!!!

induced implosion


I have a question

So I have a question. . . Well, more of a declaritive statement that i’d love to get some input on.
I guess I consider myself an artist…right, since I have a habit of composing what I consider to b classified as art…. So as such, I decided long ago that sketchbooks are where it’s at! Wherever I go, I usually have one, u know, 4 obvious reasons. Whenever inspiration strikes I’ll b ready! Pen in hand, paper in the other, boom!
Yeah not so much! U know right now Im on break at work right, and in my bag I have 2 moleskin notebooks. Would u believe that there is more drawn on my work folder than in my sketchbooks!!! why is this, and more importantly, why do I bother to lug around the xtra weight????!!!!!