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poison rain

anonymous/virtual diary of sorts

I have this hobby of sorts when I see a mac in a public place such as a store or a library. I go up to it, open photobooth and surf thru all of the random photos that are stored on its hard-drive.

The contents within are usually interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes narcissistic, but usually interesting. Its like a completely anonymous/virtual diary of sorts. Images of everything from siblings to gestures to clothing to books detail what is on people’s minds.

I find it fascinating the ways that people choose to represent themselves to the “public” in a way that feels so “private.” Its almost like the feeling the internet gives you, but in a completely un-networked way. What do you think? Are these people leaving the images up hoping someone will find them?

or are they just goofing off leaving me the observer to over analyze

Whatever the case I find it interesting, very mysterious, and slightly creepy.

Especially the ones that don’t show the entire face. Its like they’re trying to tell us. . . “ooh. . . u can’t see me”

“because I’m in another world”

or is that creepy in and of itself?. . . .

possibly. . .

U know, I’m not even really sure anymore. . . I just find this amusing

so i’m gonna keep doing it…

until I get tired of it, or forget. . . which is usually the case. . .

ps. All of these photos technically aren’t mine but since there were left on public computers, I view them as stealable. I have morphed some of them to preserve anonymity to the best of my ability

here I am


For the past month or so, I’ve been engaged in a sort of self-inflicted blogging sabbatical. It all started when I was completely internet-less for about two weeks in early January.

Let me first explain to you that I’m not your everyday Facebook obsessed 21 year old college student who checks his twitter feed every five seconds. I pride myself on striving to lead a balanced social, spiritual, secular, and fun filled life. I’m far to busy to sit on my computer all day, and I even refuse to open a Facebook account (imagine!!! ).  So in theory that relatively short period of wifi-less isolation shouldn’t have presented that terrifying of a challenge right?

Wrong. You see, I’m convinced that my generation has an emotional connection to the internet. I’m sure lots of people will disagree with me, at least in my age bracket but!!! I really think its true. The thought of not being connected to the outside world seriously gave me a strange sense of emotion that I really couldn’t pinpoint completely. It was somewhere between anxiety and discomfort. . . which i must say scared me to death!!! AND! Judging by the online behavior manifest by most in this tech-controlled world, I assume that most would face similar symptoms if placed in my position. Mind you, my opinion means next to nothing. . .

However!!!! Contemplating all of this the first couple days of this digital confinement, I began to realize something.

It wasn’t that bad! In fact, I found that despite not having access to the internet’s productive tools, I actually became more productive! By the end of the two weeks I actually felt an almost eerie sense of freeness.

I came to the conclusion that if I limited my internet access when in the real world, in theory my productivity would increase as a result. This is the long and possibly ridiculous explanation for my absence on this blog. I haven’t left. . . I’ve just decided to only post when I have something that I really really really want to share with you.

Up until now, I didn’t.  So therefore . . .I didn’t.

photo by bradley sorenson