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unintentional constructional street art


awhile back i posted this amazing street art video

i love that this guy doesn’t paint directly on the environment that he uses

something about his work is unique to me

anwho this video is another one of his that I found interesting

I especially got a kick out of the strategic tree placements



gum on pavement

Boxed in???

Crossing Guard


This is a simple post that I hope illustrates my belief that dressing nicely can make life that much more interesting.


The World Spins Madly On

Outside the mattress factory


Taken in Pittsburgh, PA last year at a gallery crawl downtown

Lost but happy

This was on the roof of the Forum Des Halles in Paris, near Rue de Rivoli I believe. I loved the art up there, but then again it is Paris eh, I swear everything’s art.

and I liked this one cuz its my name ha ha

Secret Declarations

downtown El Paso

By the drivethru

Mesa, El Paso

Flower Child

Tell me this isn’t sweet! Its collage meets bob dylan!

Beautiful Accidents

“Please mind the artwork when you back out of my driveway”

Ran into some awesome sculptures the other day somewhere here in El Paso!  They were at the end of the same driveway. Most genius I’d say!  I’m fascinated by sculpture and multimedia, perhaps one day I’ll be a bit more experimental and go crazy with some random objects

Can you hear the music?

In the car on the way to las cruces for non other than a “lost” party (woot!) I had my friend caleb on the phone. In the process of trying to figure out where eachother were Caleb randomly blurted “that hippie has a lute!!!!” Perplexed I dismissed the usual awesome nonsense that usually occurs in our conversations and continued.  However! When turning the same corner that he had previously, I saw it! A couple sitting down on the median strip armed with a washboard and a lute playing their hearts out!

Needless to say my cargroup tipped them. They deserved it. For instead of wasting space with a cardboard sign begging for money, the couple was contributing to society by spreading their love of music. I couldn’t help but smile.

When it doesn’t matter anymore

Creative Genius!

So today I was walking on the sidewalk minding my own business when suddenly,  Voila! ART! ! !

Actually it wasn’t quite that dramatic. . . as much as I would have liked it to be, he he.  Anyhow, I noticed some graffiti on the sidewalk right in front of me.  I immediately deemed it necessary to snap a photo due to its unique texture.  . . but thats when I realized. . . . . . I realized that this was no ordinary graffiti.  This was made of non other than, chewing gum fantastically welded to the cement!

This led me to come to a quick conclusion. . . whoever did this was Genius.  Seriously! I live in El Paso, I run across graffiti all the time, but this stood out, why? Cuz of its evident texture.  And in my opinion whatever this artist wanted to say was said, simply due to the fact that we are listening. In Addition! This beautifully supports my theory that anything can be a medium . . . anything!