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after fall


Did this during a bout of insomnia. . . for some reason Belinda goes to sleep really quick, and I am left to paint Happytrees! lots of them!


life. unplugged.

today’s my going away party. . . not gonna lie. . . feel a little weird. . .

perhaps it will go away. . .

she’s very far away. . .





Here’s a photo from a day a tad further up north, hunting for a tree to climb. Recently a fellow blogger has been posting alot about getting back to the negative space in our lives, basically learning how to breath again. Sitting on break at work I was reminiscing about this day, u see, I had a point to prove to my friends, that you can climb trees (its a hard concept for my desert friends ūüėČ ha ha I’m of course exaggerating). So we were on a mission! to find an excellent climbing tree! One that we were successful with. ¬†This simple task was one that I enjoyed quite thoroughly partly, I reason, due to the fact that I love trees. And the other part? . . . What shawn said.

I’m a caveman!

Painting on a wall is ridiculously awesome!!!

The wall in my old bedroom was endowed with happytrees!!!

Unfortunately¬†I had to move, BUT!!!! They live on (even if they’re painted over) ….sniff It was horrible ūüė¶