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a rant about brick walls and entertainment systems

So I have a friend who has a beautiful brick wall in his living room, and I am mad at him. Out of jealously that he has a brick wall in his living room? Partly ha ha, but mostly because he’s COVERING IT UP WITH A BUILT IN ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!! Such beautiful brick could be the backdrop to many a painting . . . 😦 how sad.

You see, I’m all for modern, in fact I embrace my electronics wholeheartedly but! I feel that in todays society in an attempt to stay modern, all to often the awesomeness of vintage beauty is overlooked. Thus houses are built cheaply, cars are tin cans, we shop at Wal-mart, and brick walls are being covered up by entertainment systems. . .

ps this is not “the” brick wall, this was at an underground art show in Younstown