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man behind a lens

shot by Shayne Albani

where I came from



Belt anyone???

Here’s a brilliant find @ a thrift store in Youngstown Ohio

Where I used to listen

Art In Youngstown

As crazy as it seems, Youngstown Ohio is actually bustling with art! ┬áThe city is dotted with little artistic treasures which require digging! (those are the best treasures to find, no I take that back the best would be those that entail actual digging, like with a shovel) Last year before I moved My sister and I found one of these treasures! ┬áNestled in an old warehouse downtown is an art studio! Here many local artists have their personal studios and workshops. A few times a year their genius is open to the public where you can take part in the creative process! Here are some photos of the show! If you live in the area and would like some more info shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with details!

Ta ra!