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far far away

life. unplugged.

today’s my going away party. . . not gonna lie. . . feel a little weird. . .

perhaps it will go away. . .

networks. . . galore

Just had some friends from the valleys of south Wales stay with us for a couple weeks.  Had such a grand time showing them around the chihuahuan desert.  At one point it got me thinking about friend networks, how extensive they get, and how they lead us to random places that we’d never go to on our own.

For example these Welsh friends. . . we met them thru a friend in Ohio who had a friend in London who married a guy in London who was originally from Portugal, who moved them to Wales to raise a family, where we finally met the welsh friends on a trip to visit the English friends whom I’m speaking of in the first place. You see I don’t know if I’d go to Wales on my own.  I love it there, its gorgeous, but I have absolutely no idea if I’d even think to go there unless the friends mentioned moved there. In turn, the Welsh that I met would have had absolutely no desire to plant themselves in west Texas in the middle of the desert! But they did, and they had a killer awesome time. . . all because of random friend networks.

The moral of the story, in my quite humble and useless opinion is! make friends, travel to visit those friends, and then collect a treasure trove of hilarious experiences that u make with those friends 🙂



Here’s an awesome sand painting my Mum did recently at white sands! Check it eh. . . moral of the story?  Art is not confined to a studio.


I love this Clint Eastwood shot ha ha . . . . oh and fyi there’s new art up at kinleys house of coffee, it really caught my eye, stop in and check it out

40% delirious- 60% entertained

Just got back from a 12hr each way roadtrip to Denver! Have I ever mentioned that I’m in love with travel, even if it means being seated for ridiculously long periods of time. In any event we were somewhere in new mexico I think when my friend pointed out this funny beaver. . . i was entertained, delirious, but entertained