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I found this company called shape when I saw this bike. I’m in love this bike. I know I could probably never afford it, but I am in awe of the amount of research and precision that went into designing it. When I looked further on their website, I realized that all of their products, though few, are equally as beautiful. Quality not quantity my friends.

now to find a bike this nice that I can afford. . . now thats a conundrum lol

Canadian Youth Eco Photography

you have to check out some of these entries from Ottawa’s Eco Art photo contest. Great stuff.

Art Project Brings Madrid’s Public Fountains Back to Life

I was strolling the pages of treehugger and found and article about an anonymous spanish art group named luzinterruptus. In protest of madrid’s broken public water fountains they took part in a massive project to to decorate the fountains with bottles! Check it out. . .

up up and away!!!




man with a plan

room with a view



yes you will be a star

girl by the clocktower 2

emerald island

far far away

star star. . . star

possibly maybe

with friends


poison rain

unintentional constructional street art


I opened the fridge for some yogurt, and it exploded. . . But! all is not lost, because I got a painting out of it


hunny, I”m home


acrylic on newspaper. . . yay for recycling!


thoughts on what we think we should think

When I first moved to el paso, I thought I had it all figured out. . . When I got my first job, I had a picture in my mind. . . When I have a a painting in my head, I can see it perfectly. . . When I first met one of my now very good friends. . . he thought I was a prude. . . and I frankly thought he was crazy. When I woke up today. . . I thought it was gonna be hot. . . I thought I would be single until at least 25. . .  I thought Apple TV was going to be a huge hit. . . I thought it rained at least once a year in the desert. . . I thought Pittsburgh was going to win. . . I thought I could make it on one tank of gas. . . I thought the word “pylon” was extinct. . . I thought the speed limit was 70. . . I thought I knew what I was saying before I opened my mouth. . . I thought I knew

But I didn’t. . .

because life’s more interesting that way. . .

much more interesting. . .