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star star. . . star

poison rain


I opened the fridge for some yogurt, and it exploded. . . But! all is not lost, because I got a painting out of it

after fall


Did this during a bout of insomnia. . . for some reason Belinda goes to sleep really quick, and I am left to paint Happytrees! lots of them!


hunny, I”m home


acrylic on newspaper. . . yay for recycling!


he’s alright because he’s always smiling

In theory I hate oils

for their fussiness and hassle

but in practice

they allow you to combine and manipulate

the colors and textures

in a way that is quite freeing


everybody’s shouting, which side are you on?

this week I….

sang along with dylan

saw monet

showed visitors around. . . again

went insane

found awesome deals at the thrift shops

drank the perfect cup of coffee

went crazy

missed a certain canadian

quite terribly

and. . .

I finally painted. . .


the quirks make it work

I was thinking today about how much texture in a painting

is like the  little quirks in a relationship.

When it comes down to it, those quirks are what make it

just plain work/


worth it/



real. . . . yup. . . .





flogging molly

So I loved this video that I posted here so much that I thought I’d post another!¬†¬†I’m homesick for ireland at the moment as well so I thought mike’s Irish round would be fitting. . .

art is ridiculously relative

Despite its universal influence, art is ridiculously relative. ¬†Seriously! Think for a moment about whichever avenue of art that you’re¬†fascinated¬†with, be it painting, music, dance, poetry, whatever. ¬†Now in under a¬†minute, try and explain the feeling that it gives you. ¬†Not in random wordy “terminology”¬†but try to really really ¬†explain how it makes you feel. Why do you like it? ¬†What about it is powerful enough to give you an emotional response? ¬†What is art? ¬†How do we define something that can mean something¬†completely¬†different to each individual person? I decided to ask a writer, a¬†minimalist, and a fashion illustrator¬†their for help in my struggle to understand this, by asking a simply complex question: What does art mean to you?

Shawn Mihalik- writer/blogger/thinker

”¬†There’s no limit to what art has to teach us. Take a painting, for example: In the white space we can find a lesson in simplicity. In the colors lie a message of unity. In the composition, a lesson in organization and managing what might otherwise be an ugly mess of unwanted shapes and figures, events and people.

When I encounter art in any of its forms–a painting, a sculpture, music, film–I cannot help but focus on only that. It’s not that everything else disappears, but rather that it all fades gently into the background. It’s like the world and all of its problems, stresses, and troubles still exist, but that’s okay, because at the center of it all is this amazing piece of art. It’s grounding. It brings me back to the present, to “now,” and I do my best to take that with me when I leave.”

The Everyday Minimalist- nomadic minimalist blogger

“What art means is more of a feeling than an objective opinion that can be put into words. At a glance, it tells the history of the artist, those who have influenced them and their state of mind. Art surrounds us on a daily basis, and can be found in anything — even the most mundane of objects.”

Maya Beus- fashion illustrator/blogger

“The pure idea of art seems so complex to me that my brain scrambles at the taught of it. And whenever someone claims to understand it or tries to pinpoint it to one single point, I think how naive they must be. Result of this is that I have no idea what art is to me.

All I know are little images, kind of memories of feelings I have. Story my father tells me over and over again how my favourite book when I was 2 was a book on Picasso… how I used to stare for hours at Jean Louis David paintings… How I can listen to entire Carmina Burana numerous times…. How I felt overwhelmed first few times I came to Tate modern. Things like this.

I rationalize so many things in my life and this is one place where I want to stay completely intuitive. Of course I realize this might be a lazy way of understanding art, and if it is…then bummer. :-)”


Each response made me smile. ¬†When reading their words of description you can almost see their thoughts and¬†inspirations¬†in their eyes . But even after all of this, I’m not sure we answered the question I raised. How do we define something that can mean something¬†completely¬†different to each individual person? . . . In my opinion, we can’t really, and I think thats the point I’m trying to make.

Bob Dylan is an excellent example of this. ¬†When asked why or how he got to where he was as an artist, he seemed almost frustrated at people’s attempt to to understand and classify. ¬†I realize that by writing this post I might be going against that¬†principle¬†that I claim to try and abide by ha ha. But I do so not out of an attempt to define or¬†compartmentalize.¬†¬†But in an effort to encourage the embracement of the art that we can find in our everyday life. ¬†The world we live in is constantly spinning faster and faster. ¬†If we take the time to stop at beauty and be inspired, art will¬†enrich¬†our lives.

blatantly stolen from the art department


somewhere in art dpt at UTEP

before complications

heading to Denver tomorrow! I dug up my hat and gloves, its been awhile

she’s very far away. . .





I ran across this on bloglovin and was floored!!!!


Here’s an awesome sand painting my Mum did recently at white sands! Check it eh. . . moral of the story? ¬†Art is not confined to a studio.

thoughts on work left unfinished

Those of you who know me well know I’m into quite a few things. . . I’ve gone through quite a few stages. . . Painting, writing, sketching, photography, blogging, biking, running, sewing, dancing, crocheting, . . . lots of stuff.

The reason being because I like alot of things. I see something, it interests me and I think hey! I could do that. . . Now it doesn’t happen out of a sense of wanting to be good at everything. . . like a competitive spirit of wanting to dominate all facets of what my brain might be capable of . . . In fact its quite the opposite cuz I know more than anybody that these projects that I start usually . . . and I say usually cuz sometimes I’m proved wrong, but usually I don’t stay on one subject long enough to do it “well.”

This is why half of my paintings are unfinished, why you can see white thread in the seams of my grey suit, and why I still don’t know Spanish. ¬†You see, I’m culturally ADD.¬†I have a problem. Call it ADD, call it lack of focus, call it lack of dedication, call it whatever you want. . . the fact of the matter is I start lots and lots of projects, but only finish a select few. And I love it as much as I hate it.

Hidden Paintings

Beneath every painting I do, are dozens of hidden paintings.


So the past week has been pretty crazy! Why? My girlfriend came down from Ontario to visit and well. . . I had a little surprise for her when she landed ūüôā Lets just say she answered a very important question I had for her and her answer was yes!!!!!!! So full of smiles right now its crazy ha ha. . . Its funny how much love influences art. ¬†Even if you hate love I would find it very foolish to deny its influence on the arts. ¬†The pursuit, the attainment, and the loss of love are timeless pillars of inspiration to everything from painting to poetry. . . any thoughts? And Dario. . . ¬†I give u permission to rant away ha ha

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pumped full of fear

here it is

The World Spins Madly On

Do I take the path, or make my own?

“Art in the morning”

Pretty in pink

yes. . . I realize that It’s blue =)