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yes you will be a star

induced implosion

40% delirious- 60% entertained

Just got back from a 12hr each way roadtrip to Denver! Have I ever mentioned that I’m in love with travel, even if it means being seated for ridiculously long periods of time. In any event we were somewhere in new mexico I think when my friend pointed out this funny beaver. . . i was entertained, delirious, but entertained


A little under a year ago my brother, sister and I moved from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to El Paso Texas. . . I’m not gonna lie it was a crazy feeling reducing all of our belongings to what would fit into the back of two tiny scions and hiking it across the most of the country. . . however as I look back, it twas freeing! You see, I hate stuff. . . clutter. . . junk. . . garbage that just keeps us immobile and holds us down. Since our move I’ve made a huge effort to not accumulate “stuff” and as a result I feel alot more free. What sparked this random rant? A Post over here where a good friend has inspired me to not give up in my dream to one day live in a tree 🙂