art is everywhere…


Art Project Brings Madrid’s Public Fountains Back to Life

I was strolling the pages of treehugger and found and article about an anonymous spanish art group named luzinterruptus. In protest of madrid’s broken public water fountains they took part in a massive project to to decorate the fountains with bottles! Check it out. . .

thrift store find! . . . plus some andy

so check these sweet vintage shoes I got the other day!

for . .  .wait for it. . . .. .

wait for it. . . .

5 bucks!

oh yeah, thats what I’m talking about.

now I just have to find room for them in my bag to canada. . . sigh



solar power

why I prefer clothes line to a dryer

-its natural-

-its cheaper-

-your clothes last longer-

-its greener-

-bed sheets + clothes line= amazing nights sleep-

-its pretty! (you know those photos between city buildings! I love that)-

-its fun (am I the only one who enjoys hanging laundry?)-

– its power outage proof-

what am I forgetting?

Bike Pittsburgh!

I’m suddenly very homesick