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I found this company called shape when I saw this bike. I’m in love this bike. I know I could probably never afford it, but I am in awe of the amount of research and precision that went into designing it. When I looked further on their website, I realized that all of their products, though few, are equally as beautiful. Quality not quantity my friends.

now to find a bike this nice that I can afford. . . now thats a conundrum lol

Canadian Youth Eco Photography

you have to check out some of these entries from Ottawa’s Eco Art photo contest. Great stuff.

Art Project Brings Madrid’s Public Fountains Back to Life

I was strolling the pages of treehugger and found and article about an anonymous spanish art group named luzinterruptus. In protest of madrid’s broken public water fountains they took part in a massive project to to decorate the fountains with bottles! Check it out. . .


remodel, is done


room with a view



yes you will be a star

possibly maybe


this is actually a really old piece I did, mayb 3 or 4 years ago. . . I tweaked it a bit cuz I was bored with it, what do u think?

no named face


This is a simple post that I hope illustrates my belief that dressing nicely can make life that much more interesting.


pumped full of fear

here it is

Outside the mattress factory

Words I didn’t say

click on this one to see the detail

Beautiful Accidents

Pretty in pink

yes. . . I realize that It’s blue =)