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Broken Manual

The Sartorialist has a most interesting interview up with the photographer Alec Soth discussing his latest show broken manual. I liked what he said about having his work displayed.

“I’ve never been more nervous for a show than this one, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I don’t think it is about my relationship with the subjects, it has to do with something more personal. I joke that Broken Manual is my midlife crisis project…but it isn’t such a joke.”

Canadian Youth Eco Photography

you have to check out some of these entries from Ottawa’s Eco Art photo contest. Great stuff.

Art Project Brings Madrid’s Public Fountains Back to Life

I was strolling the pages of treehugger and found and article about an anonymous spanish art group named luzinterruptus. In protest of madrid’s broken public water fountains they took part in a massive project to to decorate the fountains with bottles! Check it out. . .

say something nice


worn out


awhile back i posted this amazing street art video

i love that this guy doesn’t paint directly on the environment that he uses

something about his work is unique to me

anwho this video is another one of his that I found interesting

I especially got a kick out of the strategic tree placements


birds flying high, you know how I feel

I was surfing online for photos of my ultimate destination in may and ran across these photos. They were taken from a hot air balloon around London, ON. They remind me of some of the things I think about when I paint. I’m not sure. I think the things I see in nature that are tied so deeply with creation affect my work. Nature’s a big inspiration for me. What inspires your work? Whatever it might be.  The photographer’s info can be found here.



because elevators deserve more than one purpose in life

breakdown of revolution

I have this thing where I pick songs apart in my head. The layering of instruments fascinates me, ever since I was in band as a kid. Here’s one of my favorite examples. Check out the different guitar parts and how amazing it is that the brain just layers them together! Its crazy!  Later when u put on ur ipod, I guarantee you’ll think of this and then it’ll drive you nuts that you can’t just listen to the song like a normal person lols, u’ll hate me




altogether with ringo

thoughts on album art

I think that album art is insanely important to music. There’s something almost nostalgic about listening to a record while brushing your thumbs over the cover, trying to figure out what made the musician choose that particular image or images.  I view it as a map to guide the listener to the emotional point of view of the composer. . . . yet as always, leaving interpretation up to the individual.  Curse downloading!!!! why’s it so convenient!!!!  Anywho, I”m in love with Damien Rice’s album art, I always have been.

kids cover

I have a hard time with covers sometimes, but this is undeniably genius. . . in my humble opinion of course

Bike Pittsburgh!

I’m suddenly very homesick

found here

folk is glorious

Damien Rice isn’t the same now that he’s not with Lisa Hannigan anymore. This is so amazing, check it out

amazing street art

this is how I feel inside at the moment

the white man’s moccasin

I normally wouldn’t post something that would promote a big company like this. . . but I made an exception with this.  For one, its just too cool not to post. 2 . . . I love converse, the white man’s moccasin, he he


via unurth

Musical Graffiti

Girl Talk is musical graffiti to my ears.  Building beauty upon what is already founded, turning it into something completely new!