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up up and away!!!

pop. not soda.

I had a dream last night and now I can’t remember it.

don’t you hate it when that happens. . .

flogging molly

So I loved this video that I posted here so much that I thought I’d post another!  I’m homesick for ireland at the moment as well so I thought mike’s Irish round would be fitting. . .

blatantly stolen from the art department


somewhere in art dpt at UTEP

cross eyed bear

bored in class

Paulina, an art student in the one class I interpret for at UTEP was apparently bored in class the other day.  Personally I think this is a much more fabulous use of ink than for math. . . he he

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shayne’s been at work

So! You remember our good artist/blogger/photographer/musician friend Shayne from here.  Well! Good news, he has been hard at work on a new site to display his manga-styled drawings.  I’ll be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of manga or anime, but! His talent and steady hand blow my biases out of the water, check it out.


induced implosion

I’ve been drawing alot

The World Spins Madly On

By the drivethru

Mesa, El Paso

Sand Painting!

This is an amazing clip, she’s telling the story of WWII In the Ukraine. Check it out

I think they’re trying to tell us something. . .

Apparently this artist had a message, so I thought I’d broadcast it to the world for them.  This was found in a skatepark in east El Paso.