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Broken Manual

The Sartorialist has a most interesting interview up with the photographer Alec Soth discussing his latest show broken manual. I liked what he said about having his work displayed.

“I’ve never been more nervous for a show than this one, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I don’t think it is about my relationship with the subjects, it has to do with something more personal. I joke that Broken Manual is my midlife crisis project…but it isn’t such a joke.”

Pretty in Pink

one of the greatest scenes of all time. . .

thank you duckie for your contribution to the world of song and dance, we will always thank you lol

-point of view-


a change of pace

i’ve been into photography for some reason lately. . . in case you haven’t noticed ha ha. . . i’m not sure why, I don’t really consider myself a photographer.  In any event this was taken on the dance floor at Music Under the Stars the other night. . . Swing night! Notice the costumes 🙂 I love the style of the swing era


This is a simple post that I hope illustrates my belief that dressing nicely can make life that much more interesting.

Belt anyone???

Here’s a brilliant find @ a thrift store in Youngstown Ohio