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emerald island

where the streets have no name

If I was in this crowd, I would have passed out. . . hands down. Say what you want about Bono lol but tell me that this intro doesn’t give you goosebumps.

Also! This album was inspired by the desert out here! Which should make people from El Paso and Las Cruces smile, cuz I think our Irish friends appreciate the beauty of it here more than we do. The grass is always greener in Ireland.

Day 1

Day 9

Getting comfortable outside of your comfort zone

“comfort zones” are a dangerous thing in my opinion. Not unlike a disease they seem to take over you life, what you do, and how you view things. My advice, travel : ) its a wondrous thing! You run into crazy situations that make you realize how awesome life is!
For example! the pictures below were taken in a crazy house of some irish family who through insanely collaborative musical efforts made their newfound american friends feel right at home (which also involved playing home on the range!) At points during the night I seriously got choked up, these people were so beautiful and so happy, However I wouldn’t have been there if I spent my money on $90 concert tickets every week eh. . . I find that especially here in America travel is given a “rich people only stigma.” What most don’t realize though is how travelling smart, frequent flyer miles, and going off the beaten path make it fit into almost any budget!
How do you guys travel? Any tips or hints?

Age is relative

this was in some small small town in Ireland