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little guy

star star. . . star

after fall


Did this during a bout of insomnia. . . for some reason Belinda goes to sleep really quick, and I am left to paint Happytrees! lots of them!


hunny, I”m home


acrylic on newspaper. . . yay for recycling!


blatantly stolen from the art department


somewhere in art dpt at UTEP

before complications

heading to Denver tomorrow! I dug up my hat and gloves, its been awhile

straying from simplicity via risk taking

This is one of my latest commissions.  After I finished paint was everywhere!!!! ha ha I walked in the house and my little brother calmly stated. . .”Stefan, you look like you just killed someone.”  Good thing he knows me well.

this blew my mind

Hidden Paintings

Beneath every painting I do, are dozens of hidden paintings.

album art

untitled. . . and not to be snobby, I just can’t think of one

any ideas? lol



this is actually a really old piece I did, mayb 3 or 4 years ago. . . I tweaked it a bit cuz I was bored with it, what do u think?

and then barney faded away…

…slowly but surely

dizzy noise

missing you

I finally found some time to paint! 🙂 I was excited to say the least


Delicate train of thought

I don’t usually draw much but I like this one. . .

Garbage is Art

“Who would throw this away!” Thats what was going through my head when I saw a perfectly “paint-on-able” piece of glass in somebody’s trash in a back alley. One person’s trash is another person’s art supplies, ha ha especially when the artist is poor like me. Anywho!
A night of painting let to another night of collaboration when some of my friends (who were dancing in my kitchen) pointed out how the drooping paint looked like candle wax. This in turn led to a trip to the dollar store which in turn led to a fabulous flaming experience which produced non other than complete awesomeness,
observe! What do you think?!

Distortion can elighten