art is everywhere…


up up and away!!!


little guy

star star. . . star

poison rain


I opened the fridge for some yogurt, and it exploded. . . But! all is not lost, because I got a painting out of it

after fall


Did this during a bout of insomnia. . . for some reason Belinda goes to sleep really quick, and I am left to paint Happytrees! lots of them!


hunny, I”m home


acrylic on newspaper. . . yay for recycling!


Fulfilled and Full

last night I did the unthinkable. . .

after giving my family first dibs, I put all of my paintings in the trunk

and under the cover of darkness I brought my friends near. . .

and I gave all of my paintings away. . .

Before I did this I was afraid that I’d regret it

but I must say,

I feel surprisingly fulfilled. . . and full


like Kiera here. . .

pop. not soda.

I had a dream last night and now I can’t remember it.

don’t you hate it when that happens. . .

it hasn’t rained since september

I realized the other day that it hasn’t rained since at least September

I dunno about you guys but thats a really long time

Its funny because in Ohio I got sick of the rain.


But now, I think a couple days of overcast and rain would be nice

but only for a couple days. .  .

not the month long stints that I remember all too well. . .

we shall see 🙂

a controversy


“modern art” is very controversial

you realize this when you create alot of it


I just had lunch with a math professor that I interpret for

I explained to him that I’m trying to get rid of my paintings

so I offered him one.

his reply was,

“oh no no thats ok, I find it hard to appreciate art like that”


I didn’t take offense at all, he was perfectly honest, which I like

but!!!! I have two questions to ask regarding that statement.

1) what is “art like that?” What makes some art “modern”?

and 2) why is it such a love or hate relationship?



some people love it, and others. . . have a hard time finding the art value in it.

will this remain just one of those mysteries?

like nessie

or roswell?


he’s alright because he’s always smiling

In theory I hate oils

for their fussiness and hassle

but in practice

they allow you to combine and manipulate

the colors and textures

in a way that is quite freeing


everybody’s shouting, which side are you on?

this week I….

sang along with dylan

saw monet

showed visitors around. . . again

went insane

found awesome deals at the thrift shops

drank the perfect cup of coffee

went crazy

missed a certain canadian

quite terribly

and. . .

I finally painted. . .


the quirks make it work

I was thinking today about how much texture in a painting

is like the  little quirks in a relationship.

When it comes down to it, those quirks are what make it

just plain work/


worth it/



real. . . . yup. . . .






so I have this thing about artists. . . its kinda like when musicians make it big. Let me explain. You know how you like that band thats “yours.”  Its cool, unlabeled, free, genius, and incorruptible. Lets take kings of leon for example, when they first started they were undeniably their own men. Long haired 70’s southern garage rock legends that couldn’t sell out if they tried! We loved them for that (at least everyone but America who’s still listening to Kelly Clarkson on the radio). We loved them , they were ours, and now they’ve hit the mainstream.

Why? Did  they sell out? In my opinion no, I agree with the words of a friend of mine, that like the Beatles, some people get big because they are, simply put, that good. Nevertheless they are no longer our pocket band that no one in America knows about.  Mind you, the mainstream only knows their hits. I went to their show in Pheonix.  It was ridiculous watching the 17 year old girls trying to mouth along to lyrics that they had obviously never heard before, for 90 percent of the show!!!! So I ask u, is it really selling out if what you’ve “sold” are 3 singles? When I look at bands like that on stage I don’t see money in tight pants, I see passionate musicians who happened to make it big.  I think labels like “sell out” should be applied to those that operate for fame from the start. The prefabricated crapola that we’re barraged with daily.

so!!!! With that illustration in mind, my point is that this principle guides how I perceive artists.  I believe that art is for the artist, and you only sell out when you forget that. So if you happen to make it, great! But if you’re a real artist, that person proudly standing in that gallery will be the same person anonymously pouring their heart onto canvas.


I go thru painting phases.  Most of you know that I’m obsessed with trees, so naturally I’ve been in a tree phase for most of my artistic life. Mind you, I’m big on abstract.  You may notice tho that when it comes to abstract I’ve gotten stuck on particular looks. You could argue that they’re ruts but I like to call them phases.  Mainly because I feel that if I feel like doing that particular method over and over, it must be because my brain is telling me to for a reason.  And the only way to appease an artistically demented brain is repetition lols. So! what are your artistic ruts?. . . I mean phases. he he

Pointing North









before complications

heading to Denver tomorrow! I dug up my hat and gloves, its been awhile

she’s very far away. . .




straying from simplicity via risk taking

This is one of my latest commissions.  After I finished paint was everywhere!!!! ha ha I walked in the house and my little brother calmly stated. . .”Stefan, you look like you just killed someone.”  Good thing he knows me well.