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star star. . . star

poison rain

he’s alright because he’s always smiling

In theory I hate oils

for their fussiness and hassle

but in practice

they allow you to combine and manipulate

the colors and textures

in a way that is quite freeing


everybody’s shouting, which side are you on?

this week I….

sang along with dylan

saw monet

showed visitors around. . . again

went insane

found awesome deals at the thrift shops

drank the perfect cup of coffee

went crazy

missed a certain canadian

quite terribly

and. . .

I finally painted. . .


before complications

heading to Denver tomorrow! I dug up my hat and gloves, its been awhile

this blew my mind

Hidden Paintings

Beneath every painting I do, are dozens of hidden paintings.


You may remember awhile ago this post with the face of a lady friend on Stanton near UTEP. Sadly it has been covered over!!!!!! I could go on about this for awhile but I have this thing about when society covers up good graffiti, if its good it deserves to live!!!! I’ll save that rant for another day. . . anywho the reason I bring up this old post is because I was at UTEP when I spotted the same face on a large painting! My friend Jon snapped a shot and I share it with you! Our lady friend didn’t die, she’s just movin on up. . . and apparently is sharing space with a ninja. 

go somewhere!

I was browsing bloglovin and found this photo from a flickr user which made such a powerful statement that I wholeheartedly agree with! TRAVEL!  One of my biggest pet-peeves about our society fear of travel.  I’m not sure if its a fear of language, culture, or just the unknown. . . but now that I think about it one of the most common excuses I hear for staying in one’s hometown for years at a time is “the expense.” However! there are ways around this! In fact I have found that I can live on the road on the same buck (if not less) that I would spend sitting at home!  For example, when I travel, I only eat out mayb once a day, why eat out three times a day when u can walk down the street in Paris, grab bread and cheese in the morning and be on ur way till dinner! There’s no need to spend ten euros 3 times a day! Ok so guys, help me out, what have you found helpful expense-wise when u travel?


we feel like no one’s home


this is actually a really old piece I did, mayb 3 or 4 years ago. . . I tweaked it a bit cuz I was bored with it, what do u think?

and then barney faded away…

…slowly but surely

Why’s it so cold?!

By Dario

toe rings

mum’s messes are the best 🙂

missing you

I finally found some time to paint! 🙂 I was excited to say the least



The World Spins Madly On

Outside the mattress factory

Delicate train of thought

I don’t usually draw much but I like this one. . .

Garbage is Art

“Who would throw this away!” Thats what was going through my head when I saw a perfectly “paint-on-able” piece of glass in somebody’s trash in a back alley. One person’s trash is another person’s art supplies, ha ha especially when the artist is poor like me. Anywho!
A night of painting let to another night of collaboration when some of my friends (who were dancing in my kitchen) pointed out how the drooping paint looked like candle wax. This in turn led to a trip to the dollar store which in turn led to a fabulous flaming experience which produced non other than complete awesomeness,
observe! What do you think?!

Words I didn’t say

click on this one to see the detail

Distortion can elighten